At Bravo Building Company, our people make all the difference.


Greg Di Loreto, Founder, CEO and President of Bravo Building Co. Inc.

Greg starting off early being the youngest of a family of 6 who grew up in a family construction and development business. Under the careful, trusting and quality minded care of his Master Builder father, Loreto Di Loreto at Di Loreto & Sons Construction Co. good things evolved.

To the compliments and efforts of Greg`s older brothers the company came to be known as,Di Loreto Construction and Development Inc. Our father was very proud of how our name was represented and that we made careers from the trade he taught us. Greg worked his way up through the trades and totem pole ranks to become a Corporate Vice President and personally in charge of various construction land development projects.

Moving on and reaching higher yet, Greg a serious minded and determined individual, ultimately built his own company in Bravo Building co. Inc. where he has been “hard at it” making over 25 years of success. During his tenure Greg has been involved with various sorts and usage projects. He is a hands on operator who carefully oversees and manages the company with pride and our employees with respect and fairness.

Greg has personally been involved with building shopping centers, office buildings, R & D facilities, High Tech, Manufacturing, Tennant Improvements, Luxury hotels and custom homes and Estate properties (some which are valued over $40 million) possessing some truly incredible features. Also he has faithfully served his clients in the capacity of Owner`s liason/agent, Developer, General Contractor and as an Expert witness.

Greg is a well educated and extremely experienced Land development and construction professional. He demonstrates consistent effort and refuses to compromise on quality or the honorable reputation that preceeds both his company’s and own last name. Above all and most important to Greg, is meeting and exceeding our clients expectations with the end product and relationship. 

As Greg commonly states” whatever I am or have or will do… I owe it all to God, the USA and my family…I will do my best to make them proud”.


Dave Alexander, Director of Construction

Dave brings to Bravo more than 18 years of hard earned and diversified work experience in the construction industry. During his career, he has held a multitude positions. From a framing carpenter & foreman. He successfully worked his way up to Project Management. Having a Construction Degree coupled with his field experience, Dave provides valuable skills and resources to support our clients and their goals. Dave’s history and experience in residential, commercial and tenant improvements enables him to estimate, plan, manage and successfully deliver a multitude of jobs within schedule and budget, yet keeping quality control at the forefront. Our crews are his teams and are recognized for their “can-do” attitude and dedication to the projects that makes them a winning combination.